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Calling all companies, organisations and schools with a creative spark and a generous heart! Get ready to turn non-perishable goods into captivating Christmas displays and make a difference. 

Join our festive campaign to spread joy, foster teamwork and contribute to a great cause. 

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to participate in the Christmas CANstruction Challenge. Engage in a friendly competition with other companies,organisations and schools in the Mandurah and Bindjareb region to showcase your design and decoration powers, all while supporting a meaningful food drive for Bridge Builders Inc. Community Food Centre.

Here's how you can make the magic happen:
DESIGN: Gather your team of creative minds to brainstorm and design a spectacular Christmas-themed display using non-perishable food items. Let your imagination run wild as you envision a festive masterpiece that will leave everyone in awe.

DECORATE: Bring your design to life by carefully arranging the non-perishable goods, constructing intricate shapes, and incorporating vibrant colours. The more eye-catching and imaginative, the better! Your decoration will not only spread holiday cheer but also provide much-needed food to those in need.

DONATE: Once your awe-inspiring creation is complete, it's time to unveil it to your public. Don’t forget to take a photo and share it on our Social Media Platforms Your display will not only inspire joy and wonder but will also contribute to a larger food drive effort to help those less fortunate during the holiday season and into the new year.

Key Dates

13 Nov | Team Registration & Display Information Due

  • Display design sketch

  • Team participation list

  • Display Title & Description

  • Estimate of non-perishable good to be included.

  • Details for Display Sign

1 DEC | List of items used in your display due

4 Dec | Displays complete & ready for Judging

January 2024 | Awards Event



Awards in the following categories will be presented at our awards function in January 2024

Best Meal - will recognise the display that demonstrates the most creative and effective use of non-perishable food items that once deCANstructred will create a healthy and balanced meal.

Best Use of Labels - will honour the display that creatively incorporates label colors and graphics to enhance the visual appearance of the display.

Judges Favorite - is the display that the judges collectively choose as the best overall display in terms of creativity, impact, aesthetics, and storytelling. This award signifies the judges’ highest commendation for an outstanding and well-rounded display.

Most Creative - will recognise the display that excels in capturing the essence of Christmas through its design. Judges will evaluate how well the display embodies the festive spirit of the season and its ability to evoke holiday nostalgia and joy.

Most Food - will honour the display that has utilised the most items of food.

People’s Choice - is determined by popular vote on our social media channels throughout the month of December. It will be awarded to the display that garners the highest number of votes from the general public. This award reflects the community’s favorite display.

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What is the Christmas CANstruction Challenge?
The Christmas CANstruction Challenge is a festive hunger-relief competition where local companies, organisations and schools are encouraged to design and build their company Christmas Displays entirely from non-perishable food. Once completed and deCANstructed, all of the food is donated to Bridge Builders Incorporated Community Food Centre to help those who are struggling with food insecurity and hunger.

How Do I Enter a Team?
The first step of this process is to assemble a team of interested volunteers within your company, organisation or school. Displays can be planned and built with as few as two people, but the ideal number is between 5 and 10. If you have some interest, but not enough, you may want to contact another company or organisation that you work closely with and see if a joint venture could be formed. Once you decide to participate, simply complete and submit the registration form available on our website www.bridgebuilders.

Who Pays for the Food and Building materials?
Individual teams are responsible for covering the cost of all non-perishable food items and materials used in their display. Teams will do their own shopping with the store of their choosing. Teams can also source sponsors or food donation (food drive) to help offset these costs. Team sponsors can be listed on the sign that will be displayed next to your display during the month of December.

How Does the Food get Transported to Bridge Builders?
You can organise delivery of items to the Bridge Builders Inc. Food Centre following deCANstruction or you can organise for a team of Bridge Builders volunteers to come and collect from your place of work. Please contact us on to organise delivery or collection.

We’ve Formed a Team and Are Starting to Decide on a Design. What Advice do You Have for First-Time Participants?
Keep it simple! Design your first structure with simplicity in mind, and you’ll find that by the end of the event you’ll have come up with many more intricate designs for the following year.
I Am Interested in Participating But Do Not Want to Build a Display. What Can I Do?
Event sponsors and financial donations are always appreciated! The funds will go to Bridge Builders Inc. to assist with our Gift of Christmas campaign. You can also get involved in our campaign by volunteering your time to help pack food hampers or assist with our Community Christmas Celebration event on the 16th December 2023 or hosting a Reverse Advent Calendar and donate food for those in need to put on their tables this Christmas.

I Have Another Question. Who Do I Contact?
For more information contact our CEO Kelly Mansfield at or on 0458 297 185.

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David Templeman MLA

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