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Community Food Service Centre

Supporting the Mandurah and Bindjareb (Peel) community.

Monday 11:00am - 1:00pm  |  Friday 11:00am - 1:00pm

Birthday Box |

Low-Cost Groceries for People Living in the Mandurah and Bindjareb (Peel) Area. 

Every year, as we watch our children’s faces light up as they blow out the candles on their birthday cake, we know they will remember that moment forever and look forward to next year with the same anticipation and excitement. Unfortunately, there are many children who are not able to experience that same joy. This is why The Bridge Builders Birthday Box program was created.

The Birthday Box program provides children in need with an opportunity to blow out candles and make a birthday wish on their special day. An entire birthday celebration is assembled, packaged & then given in a recycled box to a family in need so they can make their loved one's day special. This party in a box, includes a birthday cake, candles, party plates, a birthday present and party decorations.

Birthdays matter because people matter. Our mission is to acknowledge the life, dreams and birthday wishes of children who would not otherwise be celebrated. With a little bit of magic, and a whole lot of sprinkles, we want all kids to know they are worth celebrating.

The Power of a Birthday Party

The Birthday Box program makes a difference in the lives of homeless children and their families by bringing them the joy of a birthday party. Birthday parties provide the opportunity for reflection, celebration, and hope. They are a common event in the lives of most families, but for children experiencing homelessness, families may be unable to maintain their routines and rituals.

We encourage you to become involved with The Birthday Box and help us give a memorable birthday celebration to any child who needs one. Together, we can make sure every child gets to experience the joy of blowing out their birthday candles.

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