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Workplace Giving

Supporting Bridge Builders Incorporated - It's Easier Thank You Think!

Employee giving provides year-round support, which is so important in sustaining our efforts when donations may be down but need remains high. And the best part? It's easy as 1-2-3! Setting up payroll deductions is convenient, affordable and tax-deductible way to support our community.

Just $2 every other week for a year can provide 208 meals, while $5 will provide more than 520 meals.


Getting Started Is Easy

Talk to your company's HR or community relations staff to see if there's a workplace giving program at your company. All you need to do is sign a form and your donations will be on autopilot! You can feel confident that your donation is making a difference in the Mandurah | Bindjareb region.

  • Convenient

  • Affordable

  • Tax-deductible

  • Put your giving on autopilot

So what are you waiting for? Join us in helping to build a stronger, more resilient community by setting up payroll deductions today!

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