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Our Impact

For many, we make their difficult circumstances more bearable, and for others we help them get back on their feet and become self-sufficient again.

Who do we Impact?

In 2022 we provided over 1,800 food hampers to over 5,950 individuals and families in the Mandurah and Peel area. Most families visit our Community Food Services Centre on a weekly basis and thanks to the generosity of our friends and neighbours we are able to provide them with fresh produce, proteins, dairy products, pantry staples, household supplies and personal care items. Many people in our community count on us to support them with what is needed to keep them and their families fed.

What is our Impact?

With access to food, our clients are able to focus on getting things done without the distraction of hunger. They are able to afford basic necessities because of the supplemental food they receive from our Community Food Services Centre. They are able to tend to their responsibilities and relationships because they have the strength to do so. Things like:

  • Look for a job

  • Help the kids with their homework

  • Do better in school

  • Pay for utilities and rent

  • Buy medication

We are fortunate to have a generous community, that give us the resources, support and encouragement to help our friends and neighbours through tough times. 

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