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Share your Garden

The summer season brings ample opportunity to enjoy the bounty of nature’s gifts. But when your garden is overflowing with more produce than you can keep up with, why not donate your extra to those in need?


At our Food Services Centre, we are committed to providing fruits, vegetables, and herbs to those in our community who may not have access to them. Every donation, no matter how small, is appreciated and reach our goal of nourishing our neighbours.


Take the time to give back and tend to your community. Whether it's in your own garden, at a community garden, or at a local farm, you can make a difference.


Share Your Abundance and Make a Difference

Help us reach our goal and make a difference in the lives of those in need. Your donation of fruits, vegetables, and herbs is an act of compassion that will have a lasting impact.

  • Donate your extra produce from your own garden

  • Contribute to a community garden or local farm

  • Help us provide fruits, vegetables, and herbs to those in need


Feel the Fulfilment of Giving Back

Your small act of kindness can make a big difference. The feeling of giving back is indescribable. Join us in our mission to nourish our neighbours.

How to Donate:

  • Leave donations in our donation box in the reception area of the 1Church building located at 370 Pijarra Road, Greenfields Monday - Thursday, 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM. 

  • Bring donations to our Community Food Centre Mon, Wed-Fri, 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM

  • Register Your Garden: We'll happily accept your donations, whether you've registered or not, but if you're planning to "grow a row" for Bridge Builders Incorporated, we'd love to know! 

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