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Who we are.

We value the health of everyone we serve, and believe that healthy lives are not possible without healthy food, a healthy environment, and healthy communities

Since 2015, Bridge Builders has operated a community food pantry based in Greenfields, serving the City of Mandurah and the wider Peel region. 

We work with larger food rescue organisation's and suppliers to provide weekly pre-packed food hampers to support those in financial crisis and facing food poverty in our local community. Over the past six months, we've experienced a significant surge in requests for our support due to the cost of living crisis. In addition to providing food to struggling households, we offer a listening ear and support to help families address the root causes of their financial difficulties.

We serve people without judgment, embracing a spirit of compassion and sensitivity. We listen to their stories and strive to understand their needs, ensuring they feel seen, heard, and valued in a world where they may often feel invisible. We welcome both self-referrals and agency referrals, making our services accessible when they are needed most. Our service can be utilised once per week for up to four months. For those needing longer-term support, we are available to discuss additional options within our local community, including referrals to local social supermarkets such as Foodbank.

Recognising that many individuals and families in crisis cannot afford social supermarkets, we aim to support them during this challenging period, ultimately helping them reach a position where a referral to Foodbank is appropriate. All our hampers are free, and we do not charge for food; however, we ask for a small voluntary service fee of $5. This fee is not linked to the value of the food supplied (approximately $105 per hamper) but helps cover the costs of collecting, storing, and handling the products, assisting in offsetting our overhead expenses, as we receive no government funding.

We value the health of everyone we serve and believe that healthy lives are not possible without healthy food, a healthy environment, and healthy communities. Therefore, we work to build all three to break the cycle of poverty and hunger.

Our Mission

"To nourish and improve the social, emotional, spiritual and economic wellbeing of people in the Mandurah and Bindjareb (Peel) community who are suffering from misfortune, poverty", disability or helplessness."

Who We Serve

Hunger is a reality for one in six people in Mandurah & the Peel region. That's 17% or our friends and neighbours who are unable to make ends meet and we work to help them cover one of life’s basic needs - food. 


We strive to serve and support all people experiencing hunger or food insecurity in the Mandurah & Bindjareb (Peel) area and commit to never turning anyone away.

Our Service Area

Mandurah and Peel Region 

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