Services We Provide


Food Hampers

The main aim of CFS is the support of people in the community who are, for various reasons, not able to put basic food on the table. The aim is to provide, based on what is available, 3 to 5 main meals per Hamper to every family member in the Family Unit.The facility is open to the public for three days per week, between 11:00am and 1:00pm, handing out food hampers consisting of bread, vegetables, fruit and non-perishable pantry items. CFS is maintaining a good relationship with the Health Department of the City of Mandurah to ensure that immaculate standards are kept.

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School/community engagement

Throughout the year Bridge Builders supports and coordinates a number of efforts to support local schools, specifically three public primary schools in the surrounding area. This is done through engagement with chaplains and events such a Christmas food hampers.

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More services to come...

As time continues and with more programs in the works, watch this space as we move towards equipping and providing more holistic care for the community.