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Donate Funds

When you donate to Bridge Builders Incorporated, you're doing so much more than just providing a meal - you're making a life-changing difference. Every $1 you donate provides 2 meals - and those meals can be the fuel that propels children to succeed in school, helps families make ends meet, and keeps seniors healthy.

The Power of Two Meals

It's amazing to think about how much of an impact two meals can make. Consider what these two meals can do for someone in need:

  • Help a student stay focused and energized in school

  • Provide families with the means to make ends meet

  • Allow seniors to maintain their health and wellbeing

Donations to Bridge Builders Incorporated are more than just meals - they're life-changing opportunities! So why not join us in making a difference today?

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Join Nourish 365 and Help Your Community 365 Days a Year

With your help, we can continue to provide food to fill the immediate need of friends and neighbours in our community.


Why join Nourish 365?

You’ll be providing life-changing support to your community 365 days a year.


Lower administrative costs allows us to provide more food for families in need. Funding that we can count on allows us to sustain and grow programs that nourish our community.


Hassle-free, automatic monthly donations, that are tax deductable.


You can direct your donation to our Community Food Centre, Nanna's Kitchen, or Where Needed Most.


While Bridge Builders incorporated is supported by the 1Church community, we are an independent registered charitable organisation with DGR status.


Are you ready to join the Nourish 365 Community? Get started with a monthly donation now.

Host a Cash Donation Tin

Do you want to help those in need in your local community? You can make a difference by setting up a Cash Donation tin in your workplace, school, university, or sporting club!

How to Organise a Cash Donation Tin

  • Contact us to collect a cash donation tin for your workplace or school.

  • Find a suitable place to put the donation tin - the foyer or tea room are great places to consider.

  • Promote the Donation tin to your colleagues, customers, and friends. Send an email, put up some posters, and let people know how long the Donation tin will be there.

  • Contact us when the tin is full and arrange for it to be dropped off or collected.

  • Say thank you to your donors and pass on information about your results!

Every donation makes a difference - so why not set up a Cash Donation tin today and help those in need in your community!

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